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We welcome the opportunity to help you grow with our medical team. Our clinic's consists of Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Psychiatry physician Investigators with consultation services in Cardiology and Radiology. We are also available to assist you in becoming an experienced Research Investigator within your geographical location.

CIS offers opportunities for patients to try new medications at NO COST through participating in a clinical trial.

  • Play an active role in your own health care by helping with the evaluation of new medications or devices.

• May get new research treatments that could work for the treatment of your condition and that could not be obtained outside the trial.
• Help the future of others and yourself by participating in medical research.
• Receive closer monitoring and associated medical care. All visits and procedures related to the study are free of charge. Those may include physical examinations, doctor visits, EKG, dietary counseling, study medications, laboratory tests.
• May receive compensation for participation in the trial

CIS works with multi-national Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies and CROs on Phase I-IV clinical trials. Our cost effective management techniques move studies along faster toward achieving marketing regulatory approval. Count on us for quality management, highly qualified investigators, and strict compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).


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