In-House Research Team

CIS is a national Research Management Organization with multi-site capability.  We can provide cost-effective management of clinical trials by offering a full range of services for Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials.  These services include: site identification, regulatory documentation, IRB submission, subject recruitment, study contact/management, site/study monitoring and compliance/quality assurance.  CIS/MD Network has immediate access to qualified investigators in 46 states.  We have a private 20-60 bed PK facility staffed exclusively by CIS employees, allowing us to conduct Phase I clinical trials on healthy volunteers, as well as our target patients with or without confinement.  CIS also provides successful initiation and completion of clinical trials at our own in-house research facility.

CIS has more than 10 years research experience in phase I-IV clinical trials.  Our clinic is ranked as one of the top 10 enrolling sites in the nation in Diabetes and weight loss studies.

Network Investigators

CIS can provide the typical services provided by SMOs so we can go the distance to accommodate sponsors' specific needs.  Our dedicated research center in Gurnee, IL and the CIS/MD Network are available for single "In-House" and multiple Network placement sites.

CIS also operates as a CTMO (Clinical Trial Management Organization) and offers assistance to Pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies as well as CRO's in selecting qualified sites. Our CIS/MD network consists of thousands of multi-specialty physicians with research experience that are located nationwide.

Our patient population of 78,000 patients range from the Pediatric through the Geriatric life stages.  Through performance, preparation, compliance, analysis, quality assurance and consultation, you can rely on CIS.

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