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PharmD Fellowship Program

Follow your PharmD Degree with a valuable fellowship that enhances your pharmaceutical experience in Clinical Research. Clinical Investigation Specialists, Inc. offers a one-year post-PharmD Fellowship. This unique opportunity offers invaluable learning and networking experiences as you gain new perspectives and advance your career in clinical research.


The success of the partnership between MWU/CIS elective rotation program has led to the establishment of the one-year Pharmaceutical Industry PharmD Fellowship Program which began in 2018.


The CIS Pharmaceutical Industry PharmD Clinical Research Fellowship Program is a unique fellowship program that focuses on site level clinical research, allowing for an immersive in-depth working knowledge to clinical research.

CIS Fellowship program provides:

  • A structured program designed to provide PharmD graduates with the opportunity to gain specialized and thorough training within the Pharmaceutical clinical research industry.
  • Intensive, hands-on training to develop skills and experience in a variety of disciplines, including clinical trial management, clinical research, regulatory affairs, medical information, market research, marketing campaigns, recruitment, contracts, and sponsor relations.
  • Hands on training to develop skills and experience throughout the clinical trial management process including:
    • Clinical research trial management throughout our research sites in family medicine, rheumatology, cardiology, and dermatology
    • Performing at the front lines through first-hand experience in managing disease states and patient care at the site level
    • Working with PI’s medical affairs
    • Working and fully understanding the role as study coordinator
    • Working and fully understanding the role as Sub-I
    • Clinical pharmacology at a site level
    • Communicating and engaging with sponsors
    • Preparing for audits/QA process
    • Gain a complete understanding of site level regulatory affairs
    • Conduct recruitment and advertisement campaigns at a site level
    • Develop and implement retention strategies at a site level
    • Understand the need and perform market research and marketing
    • Gain a solid comprehension of the business dynamics, metrics, and management of a clinical research site


The candidate will acquire clinical knowledge on the forefront of drug development while experiencing the front lines of patient care.

Multi-facet involvement in the drug development process allows the candidate to gain un-paralleled access and expertise at conducting clinical trials at a site level. A working knowledge and understanding of clinical research at the site level will enhance the fellow’s insight and to better serve at site or corporate level.

A fellow enrolled in the CIS Pharmaceutical Industry Clinical Research Fellowship program: 

  • Receives clinical research training at a site level within the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries.
  • Is exposed to research in family medicine, rheumatology, dermatology, and cardiology.
  • Is well prepared for a career within the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries practice settings at a corporate or site level.


A Doctor of Pharmacy who enters the Fellowship Program receives:

  • Direct involvement with PI’s in managing patient care during the clinical study.
  • Knowledge of drug management, clinical pharmacology, clinical research, drug safety/risk management, consumer health, marketing, market research, medical affairs, medical and drug information, medical communication, medical education regulatory affairs. 
  • Attain mentorship in a variety of areas in clinical research, including professional development training, improved communication skills, experience in regulatory, recruitment, and marketing.
  • Train and work with experienced mentors with expertise in business affairs, to include marketing, strategy, ethics, organization behavior, quantitative analysis, operational overview, and workflow.

Candidate Fellowship Requirements

Application requirements as follows: 

  • Post-Doctoral degree in Pharmacy
  • Complete pharmaceutical industry rotation, internship, or previous exposure to clinical research would be desirable
  • For more information, please contact Dr. Eva Agaiby

Dr. Eva Agaiby

President, Director of Clinical Trials & Regulatory Affairs

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Allen Banoub, MBA

Director of Marketing & Business Development

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