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Study Experience

CIS has conducted Phase I through Phase IV Studies. These studies have focused on pharmacokinetic, bioequivalence, and drug interactions in healthy, normal, and targeted patient populations. The following list demonstrates a historical version of several of the studies conducted.

Our recent and primary therapeutic areas of study include:

Cardiology Obstetrics & Gynecology
Endocrinology Pain Management
Family Medicine Psychiatry
Internal Medicine Rheumatology
Neurology Dermatology
Obesity & Weight Management Women's Health

Completed Studies Include:

Indication  Therapeutic Area Conducted Phase
Diabetes Mellitus  Endocrine Metabolism 93 Phase I, II, III
Hypertension Cardiovascular/Renal 20 Phase I, II, III, IV
Osteoarthritis Autoimmune Disease 19 Phases II, III
Gout Musculoskeletal Pain/Inflammation 18 Phase II, III
Chronic Lower Back Pain Neurology 17 Phase III
Low Back Pain Pain               17 Phase II, III
Fibromyalgia Pain Management 15 Phase II, III
Obesity Cardiology 14 Phase II, III
Migraine Neurology 13 Phase III
Asthma Allergy/ Asthma Pediatrics/ Adults 10 Phase I, II, III
Hyperlipidemia Cardiology 9 Phase II, III
Dyslipidemia Cardio-Endocrine Metabolism 8 Phase III
Cardiovascular Events Cardiology 7 Phase III
Hypercholesterolemia Cardiology 7 Phase II, III
Overactive Bladder Urology 7 Phase III
Influenza Infectious Diseases 6 Phase I, II, III
Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatology 6 Phase II
Atrial Fibrillation Cardiology 5 Phase II, III
Breast Cancer Oncology 5 Phase I, II, III
Cancer Oncology 5 Phase I, II
Chronic Headache CNS 5 Phase II, III
Hypogonadism Urology 5 Phase I, III
Narcotic Analgesic/ Pain Oncology 5 Phase I
Angina Cardio Renal 4 Phase III
Anticoagulants Hematology 4 Phase II
Cardiology Cardio Renal 4 Phase I
Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Pain Management 4 Phase II, III
Analgesic  Child Pediatrics 3 Phase III
COPD  Pulmonary 3 Phase I
Endometriosis Women’s Health 3 Phase III
Glaucoma / Vitreous Hemorrhage        Ophthalmology 3 Phase II
Infant Formula  Pediatrics 3 Phase III
Sinusitis  Otolaryngology 3 Phase I
Sunscreen  Dermatology / Pediatrics 3 Phase III, IV
Dementia CNS 2 Phase II
Acute Bacterial Bronchitis  Pulmonary 2 Phase I
Acute Coronary Syndrome Cardiology 2 Phase III
Adolescents Headache  Neurology 2 Phase IV
Allergic Rhinitis  Allergy and Asthma 2 Phase I
Alzheimer Dementia  Neurology 2 Phase III
Antiemetic Pediatrics 2 Phase III
Antipyretic Analgesic Pediatrics 2 Phase III
Antipyretic  Analgesic Pediatrics 2 Phase I
Antipyretic  Child Pediatrics 2 Phase III
Antipyretic - extended release  Analgesic Pediatrics 2 Phase II
Antiviral Immunogenicity Vaccine  Pediatrics 2 Phase III
Bipolar Disorder  Psychiatry 2 Phase I
Depression  Psychiatry 2 Phase I
Diabetic Heart Disease  CVOT  2 Phase II, III
DVT Prevention in Ortho Surgery       Orthopedic 2 Phase II, III 
Erectile Dysfunction Urology 2 Phase II, III
Gastroenteritis  Gastroenterology 2 Phases II
Herpes/Genitalis  Infectious Diseases 2 Phase II
HIV  Infectious Diseases 2 Phase III
Hormone Replacement Therapy  Women’s Health 2 Phase I
Myocardial Ischemia / MI Cardio Renal 2 Phase III
Peripheral Arterial Disease Cardiology 2 Phase II
Post Herpetic Neurology Neurology 2 Phase III
Pulmonary Hypertension Cardiology 2 Phase II
Renal Impairment  Nephrology 2 Phase I
Bacterial Conjunctivitis          Ophthalmology 1 Phase II
Bacterial Infections Anti-infective 1 Phase II
Birth Control  Women’s Health 1 Phase I
BPH  Urology 1 Phase I
Colo-Rectal Cancer Screening                                               Gastroenterology 1 Diagnostic
Cough & Cold allergies  Allergy and Asthma 1 Phase I
Epilepsy Neurology 1 Phases I,II,III,IV
Hemorrhoids Gastroenterology 1 Phase III
Inflammation  Infectious Diseases 1 Phase I
Measles Vaccine  Pediatric Immunogenicity 1 Phase III
Opioid Induced Constipation Gastroenterology 1 Phase III
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Women's Health 1 Phase II
Psoriasis                  Dermatology 1 Phase II
Seizures  Neurology 1 Phases I,II,III,IV
Stroke  Neurology 1 Phase III
Tonsillectomy  Otolaryngology 1 Phase I
Trauma/Head Injury  Neurosurgery 1 Phase I
Urinary Tract Infections                 Urology 1 Phase II
Vaccinations (infants)  Pediatric Immunogenicity 1 Phase III


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