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What is General Anxiety?

General anxiety is marked by excessive and/or unrealistic worry about possible situations or common situations.

Anxiety can be marked by two types of phobias:

  • Simple phobias: fears of specific situations and/or objects
  • Social phobias: typically associated with problems interacting with larger groups of people

In addition, people can have disorders, such as OCD, or behavioral compulsions. 


  • People with anxiety disorders can get help. Pharmacotherapies can help when used under an appropriate prescription from a psychiatrist. For patients with anxiety disorders, exposure therapy can have great results, as well as response prevention for those who have compulsive behaviors. 


For aid in finding treatment options near you, please visit the SAMHSA Mental Health Services Locator.

* CIS does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The content is for informational purposes only. 

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