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Physicians tend to find fulfillment in conducting clinical studies because it offers:

·         continued learning

·         practice expansion

·         recognition among peers and community

·         financial rewards

·         assisting in bringing products to market that are not yet available to patients


Professional Development and Recognition

- May help you to explore parameters of cutting-edge medications. 
- Will provide the opportunity to meet other clinical study investigators in professional venues.
- Will offer experience in the use of investigational products.


Professional Recognition

- Principle Investigators (PI) are often recognized as thought-leaders within the professional community. 
- Conducting clinical studies may open up opportunities for presenting seminars and submitting publications.


New Revenue Sources

- Clinical studies may offer the opportunity for additional revenue streams.


Introduces Alternative Treatments To Your Patients

- Clinical study Investigators may offer alternative possible break-through treatment options to their patients which are only available through clinical study participation.


Increased Market/Brand Awareness

-Conducting clinical studies in your community may increase the market and brand recognition of your clinic by:

- Generating new potential patients for your clinic.
- Enhance retention of existing patients by offering alternative treatment options.
- Increasing the brand recognition of your clinic by leveraging advertising locally.