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Welcome to Clinical Research

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Monday – Friday 8 am to 5pm

Mission Statement:

We are committed to delivering excellence to the global health care sector by making new treatment options available to patients through clinical research. Through participation in medical research, healthcare practitioners and patients discover new treatment options. 

One discovery today may change the world tomorrow - one patient's life at a time which will cause a pivotal impact towards the advancement of medicine tomorrow and in the future.

Capturing the dynamics of cutting edge medical technology, CIS yields superior quality data to meet each sponsor's timeline. 

CIS is driven by team loyalty and compassion to serve patients, the community and our clients.


Value Statement:

Our mission will be accomplished by living according to our core values. We are committed to being socially responsible through respect, compassion, and integrity in all that we do with each other, our patients, physicians, clinics and sponsors.  We further create value by:

- Strengthening and developing our core being clinical, scientific and socially responsible.
- Providing unparalleled individualized care to our patients.
- Being socially responsible in the communities that we serve.
- Acting with absolute integrity.
- Collaborating, supporting and respecting one another.
- Developing a highly motivated, valued and diverse workforce.
- Optimizing our financial and physical resources.
- Simplifying and improving our processes continuously.