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• What is the purpose of the study?
• Who is going to be in the study?
• Why do researchers believe the investigational treatment being investigated may be effective?
• Has the investigational treatment been tested before and what phase is the study in?
• What kinds of tests and treatment choices are involved in this trial?
• What are the advantages and risks of participating?
• What are the possible side effects?
• How do the possible risks, side effects, and benefits of the study product compare with my current treatment?
• How long will this trial last?
• How many times will I have to come to the clinic?
• Will I have to be hospitalized?
• How will I know if it works? Will I be told about the results?
• How might this trial affect my daily life?
• Who will be in charge of my care?
• Will my primary care physician know about this trial?
• Can I leave the trial if I want to?
• Who can I contact in an emergency?
• Who makes sure the trial is safe and properly run?
• Am I covered by insurance?
• Do I need medical insurance to participate in the trial?
• Will I be compensated for my participation? What about any expenses that I might incur, such as traveling costs?
• Who will be allowed to see my medical records?

Dr. Eva Agaiby

President, Director of Clinical Trials & Regulatory Affairs

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Allen Banoub, MBA

Director of Marketing & Business Development

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