CIS, established in 1987, is a robust clinical research center with multi-site capability located in the mid-west. We are within a 1-hour drive of two major metropolitan cities: Chicago and Milwaukee. Currently, we conduct studies in 5 Illinois locations and one Wisconsin location with our in-house and affiliate PIs. We are always looking to expand our physician staff in order to access top medical talent and untapped patient populations.



Our professional staff is sensitive to the needs of our sponsors and their concerns.  Over the years, CIS has completed Phase I through Phase IV studies including pharmacokinetic, bioequivalence and drug interaction studies in healthy, normal and targeted patient populations.

Our team includes:  Board Certified Internists, Family Practice physicians, Psychiatrist, Rheumatologist and a Cardiologist with industry sponsored research study experience. Our staff also includes 2 - 3 Research Coordinators per site, Pharm D, LPN, RNs, Medical Assistants, Data Coordinators, dedicated Regulatory Document Specialists, Investigator Contract Analysists and Accounting Staff, and Marketing and Recruitment staff.  All staff is trained in GCP guidelines, and 21 CFR.  CIS site SOP’s are maintained in all clinics.



CIS has consistently met and exceeded target enrollment goals.  Our clinic has been ranked in the top ten in the nation with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, and GSK with respect to patient recruitment.  Quality electronic data coordination with timely query resolution has remained our fortè with the transition to ECRF data capture in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are a top enrolling research center because we are patient-centric and work together to ensure that the patient experience is superb.  This starts by accessing our central electronic database which is organized by disease state and ICD-10 coding.  The central database alone includes over 5,500 patient charts.  Combining our central database and our affiliate alliance databases easily provides over 15,000 patient charts that are ready for immediate query and review. Our seasoned in-house team of patient recruitment and retention specialists are fully trained.  They are the first to make patient contact and pre-screen potential study patients.



CIS is fully staffed with the following departments making rapid response to sponsor timelines possible: 

·         Patient Recruitment & Retention

·         Marketing

·         Affiliate Relations

·         *Regulatory & Quality Assurance

·         Contracts & Budgets

·         Clinical Study Conduct

* CIS uses a Central IRB with a turn-around time of less than a week for submission of regulatory documents.



Our clinics are furnished with state-of-the-art medical equipment including, but not limited to:


·         EKG

·         Crash cart

·         Oxygen tank

·         -20 freezers

·         Off-site x-ray capabilities

·         Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring




Our clinics provide the following to secure study drug and patient/sponsor records:

·         Drug safe with alarm system

·         Secure storage of patient charts/CRF’s

·         Electronic CRF completion, e-trials

·         HIPPA compliance

·         Conference room for consenting patients

·         2 exam rooms

·         Private rooms for CRA visits


Hospitals and emergency rooms are located close our clinics.


We encourage you to learn more about how CIS can help you enroll your clinical study quickly.  Please contact Susan Coder, Business Development Coordinator, at:

Email:   scoder@cisresearch.com

Phone:  847-599-2492 x103  

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